About Us

Studying in the field, acquired work experience and increasing ideas for more efficient and quality work were the first ideas and inspirations before opening our own construction office. Focusing on the design and construction of single-purpose machines and equipment was the right step. In autumn 2013 we started under the name of Forcon solution Ltd work on your first custom orders. Precise work, competitive environment and healthy self-confidence led us to another fundamental decision, namely to create our own production facilities in Vetrkovice, in the district of Opava.

Now we provide complex services in the field of design and manufacture of single-purpose machines and equipment, semi-automatic work lines, custom metal production of machine parts and welded structures. The basic pillars of our work are communication, meeting deadlines and exact quality of work.

CEO Jiri Rehounek does the management of orders for construction, sales representatives and employees. The strict eye of CEO Radim Matonoha oversees the compliance of the quality and deadlines in the production process and employees from the production.

We adhere to our philosophy and it moves us further. From one simple idea, we have built and are still building successful company that offers job opportunities to employees in a wide area. We are expanding production, purchasing new machinery and equipment, and in the near future we will introduce innovative production technology that has no competition in our area.

The equipment produced in our company operates in continuous shifts, which is appreciated not only by our long-term customers, but also by new customers, which come out from our excellent references. The success of our company is also due to employees whose great and professional work we can always count on.

Historical milestones of FORCON SLUTION LTD:

2013 – Founding of the company, originally only as a design office focused on the design of single-purpose machines and equipment

2015 –Expansion of production and relocation to larger premises in Vetrkovice.

2019 – Modernization and purchase of new technological equipment – water jet and others.

2019 – Start of construction of own production hall.