Single purpose machines and devices

We provide custom production of single-purpose machines and equipment needed in production processes, including exact and complete 3D design. High-quality and accurate designs of individual parts, complete machines or production workplaces are processed in 3D design by a qualified team of designers in CAD software SolidWorks 2019 Professional.

According to the exact specification of the customer, we can fully arrange the entire order:

  • Process the initial 3D design
  • For a better idea create a visualization of the machine in 3D view
  • Complete manufacturing process including fitting a control system for concrete device
  • We put the machine into operation and professionally train the operator
  • We provide all necessary documentation for the machine, such as revisions, manuals, declaration of conformity, etc.
  • We guarantee customer service
  • We can process orders in various industry fields

We process orders in various fields